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The Oxymorons
Shoot the Gift


MRR000 - V/A
Lost At The Crossroads

MRR001 - The Oxymorons
The Oxymorons

MRR002 - The Oxymorons
Bash On Regardless

MRR003 - The Oxymorons
St. Jude

MRR004 - The Oxymorons
Dancing On Billy's Grave

MRR005 - ColaVision
Joan of ArcWelding

MRR006 - Candyass

MRR0007 - The Oxymorons
Skeletons From Our Closet

MRR008 - Heike
Precious Underground

MRR009 - SnaggleTooth / Shoot the Gift

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Cheep Beer Ltd. - Lost At The Crossroads Vol. 1

This was my first and only attempt at a compilation release. I took the first 10 decent bands from the Dayton area who submitted songs. Some were better than others, but all were interesting and showcased what Dayton had to offer. The release was well recieved and helped to promote the bands to a more diverse audiance. Since this was the basic purpose I was very pleased.

Lost At The Crossroads Vol. 1 - 1990

Runyard Kipling - Agnes Moorehead Platter
Cheerleader - Dobie Wilis
Cruelty - Burlap Skratch
When Will It Come - The Killjoys
This Island Earth - Sunken Girraffe
Kill Everybody In The House - Straight Up
Total Chaos - Toxic Deth
Allegiance To The Flag - Identity Theory
Whales - Liquid Draino
Psycho Girl - The Oxymorons!
Toxic Shock - Toxic Deth

I Wanna Be A Shaman - The Oxymorons!
Sweet Al - Dobie Willis
Uncle Sam Wants You - Identity Theory
Pet Shop - Straight Up
Don't Get Paid - Liquid Draino
Travel At Midnight - Burlap Skratch
Nothing New - The Killjoys
Premium Paid - Agnus Moorehead Platter
In 25 - Sunken Girraffe
Total Chaos - Toxic Deth

Band Information
Agnes Moorehead Platter
Richard Caesar Leonardi - Vocals
Michael Dombroski - Percussion
Dave Roberts - Guitar
Scott Dvorak - Guitar
Eric Humpert - Bass

Burlap Skratch
Vivian Perron - Vocals
Greg Reynolds - All Instruments

Dobie Wilis
Dobie Wilis - Vocals/Guitar
Identity Theory
Brian Kelly - Bass
Barry Doyle - Vocals
Dave Robick - Guitar
Lino Bovenzi - Drums

The Killjoys
Rob Schaefer - Vocals/Bass
Nick Kizirnis - Vocals/Guitar
Ed Lacy - Keyboards
Jim MacPherson - Drums

Liquid Draino
Sheldon Mutter - Vocals/Guitar
Eric Bagdonas - Vocals/Guitar
Brian Bagdonas - Vocals/Bass
Dave Greater - Drums

The Oxymorons!
Ben Schelker - Vocals/Guitar/Piano
Patric Jones - Vocals/Guitar
Grog (Greg Simerlink) - Vocals/Bass
Nick Atkinson - Drums

Straight Up
Matt - Vocals
Ed - Guitar
Geno - Guitar
Dave - Bass
Alan - Drums

Sunken Girraffe
No Information
Toxic Deth
Boo Ruff - Vocals/Guitar
Todd Filburn - Bass
Paul Risco - Drums
Scott Marshall - Solos

Recorded by various Dayton area bands in 1989 and 1990