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The Oxymorons
Shoot the Gift


MRR000 - V/A
Lost At The Crossroads

MRR001 - The Oxymorons
The Oxymorons

MRR002 - The Oxymorons
Bash On Regardless

MRR003 - The Oxymorons
St. Jude

MRR004 - The Oxymorons
Dancing On Billy's Grave

MRR005 - ColaVision
Joan of ArcWelding

MRR006 - Candyass

MRR0007 - The Oxymorons
Skeletons From Our Closet

MRR008 - Heike
Precious Underground

MRR009 - SnaggleTooth / Shoot the Gift

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The Oxymorons
The Oxymorons - Dancing On Billy's Grave

This was Mutant Renegade's one and only CD release. Way back when it cost over $4 each to produce a CD. I heard we were the first label in the area to release a CD. They sold really well, but unfortunately the Oxymorons stopped playing not long after this was released.

Dancing On Billy's Grave - 1993

Day Of Reckoning
Walking Behind You
Diner Song
Little Man Hate
Yes I P.C.
Nothing To Feel Bad About
Taoist Lumberjack
What It Felt Like
Johnette Napolitano / Tried
Unearthing Your Grave
White Funk Wagon
Walking Backwards
Smashing Sour Grapes
First Time Today

Band Information
Ben Schelker - Vocals / Guitar
Patric Jones - Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards
Grog (Greg Simerlink) - Bass
Nick Atkinson - Drums

Recorded in 1992 & 1993 at Mars Studio In Cleveland, OH and Cybertechnics Studios in Dayton, OH

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