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The Oxymorons
Shoot the Gift


MRR000 - V/A
Lost At The Crossroads

MRR001 - The Oxymorons
The Oxymorons

MRR002 - The Oxymorons
Bash On Regardless

MRR003 - The Oxymorons
St. Jude

MRR004 - The Oxymorons
Dancing On Billy's Grave

MRR005 - ColaVision
Joan of ArcWelding

MRR006 - Candyass

MRR0007 - The Oxymorons
Skeletons From Our Closet

MRR008 - Heike
Precious Underground

MRR009 - SnaggleTooth / Shoot the Gift

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The Oxymorons
ColaVision - Joan Of Arcwelding

This was a split label release with Dayton based Rinso Records. The band decided to be extra unique with the covers and make them all out aluminum foil which was then painted. The idea was really cool and everybody got a different cover. The only problem was that after the first 112 the band got sick of making the covers and we had to resort to a lame one color photocopied cover.

ColaVision's "joan of arcwelding" was recorded at cro-magnon studios in dayton, ohio between the hours of 12 and 9 pm The engineer was Mr. Joe Buben. In those 9 hours five songs were recorded. 12 oz. of beer were consumed by Patric, Dave relieved himself a number of times in another room specifically designed for that purpose, Daphne heard many mistakes in the recording that Dave and Patric did not, and large amounts of Cola were consumed by all.

Joan Of Arcwelding - 1993

Problem #11
No Damn Cat
Johnny Walks On The Right

Band Information
Patric Jones - Vocals / Guitar
Daphne (Fen Simerlink) - Bass / Vocals
Dave Greater - Drums / Vocals

Recorded in July 1993 at Cro-Magnon Studios in Dayton, OH

Selected lyrics of ColaVision