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The Oxymorons
Shoot the Gift


MRR000 - V/A
Lost At The Crossroads

MRR001 - The Oxymorons
The Oxymorons

MRR002 - The Oxymorons
Bash On Regardless

MRR003 - The Oxymorons
St. Jude

MRR004 - The Oxymorons
Dancing On Billy's Grave

MRR005 - ColaVision
Joan of ArcWelding

MRR006 - Candyass

MRR0007 - The Oxymorons
Skeletons From Our Closet

MRR008 - Heike
Precious Underground

MRR009 - SnaggleTooth / Shoot the Gift

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Shoot The Gift Snaggletooth
This was an odd release I'd never heard either band, but had known Chris Lee of Snaggletooth for quite some time due to previous bands of his. So I decided to release this even though I'd never seen the bands. We did it on clear vinyl and both bands scheduled release parties in Cincinnati, that I wasn't able to attend. As fate would have it the discs sold well but within two months of release both bands had broken up. I was left with hundreds of unsold records, quite a bit in debt and with no real desire to continue.

Shoot The Gift / Snaggletooth - 1995

Shoot The Gift - Running Terror
Shoot The Gift - G & Yarn
Snaggletooth - Fishbowl
Snaggletooth - Pinball

Band Information
Shoot The Gift
Bones - Drums / Percussion
Paul - Bass
Jenna - Guitar
Troy - Vocals / Guitar

Ali Edwards - Vocals
Dan Bennett - Bass
Chris Lee - Guitar
Todd Drake - Drums / Tambourine

Recorded in 1994 by Moziz in Cincinnati, OH

Selected lyrics of Shoot The Gift and Snaggletooth