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The Oxymorons
Shoot the Gift


MRR000 - V/A
Lost At The Crossroads

MRR001 - The Oxymorons
The Oxymorons

MRR002 - The Oxymorons
Bash On Regardless

MRR003 - The Oxymorons
St. Jude

MRR004 - The Oxymorons
Dancing On Billy's Grave

MRR005 - ColaVision
Joan of ArcWelding

MRR006 - Candyass

MRR0007 - The Oxymorons
Skeletons From Our Closet

MRR008 - Heike
Precious Underground

MRR009 - SnaggleTooth / Shoot the Gift

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The Oxymorons


Reviews of The Oxymorons! Reviews of Bash On, Regardless Reviews of St. Jude!

Reviews of The Oxymorons! Reviews of The Oxymorons Live!

Reviews of The Oxymorons!

"One energetic song after another...These guys deserve more attention than they're getting" - MOR, Madison, WI

"Energetic Rock 'n' Roll from Dayton, OH..." - Under the Volcano, Nessconset, NY

"Couch slamming, sing along, drink cheap beer, pop punk. Very melodic." - Slug and Lettuce, New York, NY

Reviews of The Oxymorons!

"Killer punking hardcore. Good melody. Get this!" - ICZ, Rosedale, CA

"So melodic they put a smile on your face..." - Mustard Gas, Atlanta, GA

"Musically/Lyrically, this is highly recommended for its hardest rockin' guitar and catchiest bass edge ever!" - Crude, Alpina, MI

Reviews of The Oxymorons!

"Powerful poppy punk as it should be! They have melody! Soul! Attitude! Love! Get this! Get this! Get this! Get this!" - Eye of the Kudzu, Atlanta, GA

"[The Oxymorons] have a brand of punk that can leapfrog from melodic to angry and demands to be heard" - Jam Rag, Ferndale, MI

"Great, straight in the face power-core..." - ZAP, Calberlah, Germany

"Fast, kinda funny punk rock played with happy abandon." - Under the Volcano, Nesconset, NY

"Speedy, yowling punkrawk from Ohio. The sound of a tractor-trailer pileup gone melodic." - Soundviews, Brooklyn Hts, NY

"Balsy punk songs, furious and fast, but not too heavy" - Flipside, Pasadena, CA

"Kicks harder than a bull at a rodeo. Melodic hardcore...[The Oxymorons] never let speed substitute for great tunes and catchy hooks." - Merlin's Music Box, Italy

"Toe tapping melodic punk played with spirit and a touch of humor." - Butt Ugly, Waukesha, WI

"Sit back, bop your head, sing along..." - Thunderpussy, Indianapolis, IN

"Very Creative!" - WXUT, Toledo, OH

"Addictive guitar punk/pop. All we need is a full-length album..." - RDS, Sulniac, France

"Fucking cool high energy based punk. Keep it up." - KNON, Dallas, TX

"Pretty hot stuff. I like it." - WITR, Henrietta, NY

"Great! [The Oxymorons] rock! - WDCR, W. Lebanon, NH

Reviews of The Oxymorons!

"Catchy, melodic songs..." - Round Flat Records, Buffalo, NY "Ben Schelker is a talented songwriter/lyricist with the ability to write rock hard hooks and turn a phrase or cliche into something beautiful..." - Trap Door Press, Dayton, OH

"Filled with ripping energy. This is the best thing to come out of Ohio since...well...uh...This is the best thing to come out of Ohio." - Cake, Minneapolis, MN

"This disc kicks hard from start to finish with dynamite songs and sheer intensity." - Baby Sue Music Review, Decatur, GA

"This 19 -track CD bristles with brash irreverence and youthful intensity, retaining the band's rough edges with its 'live in the studio'-sounding production. Essentially lean, punk-influenced power pop, played at full-throttle frenzy." - Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH

"Forget the vastly overrated Breeders, the real sound of Dayton, Ohio, today can be heard in the...of Guided by Voices and the dismembered 'Mats roll of The Oxymorons." - Opition, Santa Monica, CA

"...The Oxymorons bring you this 19 song CD with enough variety and quality to actually listen to a 19 song CD! - Hectic Times, Santa Cruz, CA

"These guys ought to be local heros. If they aren't there is something wrong with Dayton. They play fast paced hooky pop songs somewhat in line with All's pop hardcore style." - FOE Magazine, Tampa, FL

"Good stuff! Will we be getting more? - WBWC, Berea, OH

"Kickin'! It's got that raw Midwestern sound we really dig." - WVSS, Menomonie, WI

"Nice rough sound - Vocalist need not change his voice at all - Perfection meets an Oxymoron in the larynx. Keep it up!" - WGMU, Fairfax, VA

"This one is really good!" - WPLS, Greenville, SC

"[The Oxymoron's] CD was great! I hope people check this out. I'm genuinely impressed" - KSPC, Claremont, CA

Reviews of The Oxymorons!

"One of Dayton's hottest bands...their shows are full of energy and are nothing short of a good time." - The Guardian, Dayton, OH

"At first I wasn't too excited, then [The Oxymorons] went nuts! They were completely psycho on stage. They were on the floor rolling around...Entertaining to say the least!" - Butt Ugly, Waukesha, WI

"This four-piece played unbelievably cool punk rock with mega tons of energy!!" - Scene Zine, Greenbay, WI

"Dayton's Oxymorons play real rock. No excuses, no-holds-barred, kick you in the head rock...Music energy is created by adrenalin. The best buzz is a natural one. Experience the buzz created by The Oxymorons live..." - The Inside Track, Dayton, OH